Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

This Friday I was so so excited for the weekend! I had a short week at work and usually on Fridays I am so exhausted that I just pass out, but this week was different! Because I only had a few days of teaching, I was ready and revved up to go out and take charge of my weekend!

Friday night Alex and I went to Barcade, which is basically a genius idea. Hello arcade games and great beers on tap...what more can you really ask for?! (Okay to be fair I kept asking for wack-a-mole and skee ball...but still, Barcade rules despite it's lack o' carnival fare).

After getting silly and getting KILLED at centipede, we hit up Foodswings for a dose of deliciously processed junk food vegan snacks! I allow myself 2 days in which I eat processed food per week...and so when I go for it...I go for it! I got the bbq chicken and we both slurped up shakes!

Saturday was a day of travel and adventure getting my car back from Rye. Taking the train there from Brooklyn is already a fiasco but on a weekend with all of the planned service changes it was an all day ordeal! In order to get back from Rye, we decided not to take public transit again and that Saturday night would be the ideal time to teach Alex how to drive standard. In NYC. In traffic.

We practiced for a while in the Home Depot parking lot and then took on the challenge of driving the whole way home. I operated the stick shift the whole time and Alex operated the pedals as I talked him through the entire drive home. TEAMWORK!

Sunday is a day I always look forward to because I get so much done and Sunday is farmer's market day! I always support local agriculture and the more I purchase at the farmer's market the better. It is better for you and fun to cook what is in season, it is wonderful to know your farmers and not rely on produce shipped from California when it can be grown right here in New York. And if reducing fossil fuels and eating organic, yummy whole foods is not enough to sway you, farmer's markets are where you can usually get more bang for your buck! (Hello saving on the gas it takes to ship that kale across the entire United States).

After the market I made some local mushrooms and kale and then took Malomar for an adventure over to Liberty Sunset area in Red Hook. I tried to hit up a garden shop to start to get ready for this growing season, but had no luck in that department. Otherwise, a super success as it was beautiful out and such a nice place to take a stroll!

(Probably impossible to see in my taken-from-my-phone photo, but there is a great view of the Statue of Liberty. I need to remember to bring my Nikon with me everywhere again!)

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