Saturday, March 12, 2011

Park Life

One of the really peaceful things about the Park is the ducks and swans on the water. I love to watch the swans fly and then gracefully land onto the water, and the ducks are just so cute.

There are areas of the park that are wooded, which I really love. I love being able to smell pines and feel mud and grass under my feet in the city.

The lake is also beautiful at night. There are plenty of places near the lake to sit and daydream.

The main reason I picked my apartment is because of it's proximity to the park. I clearly needed a place for Malomar to feel at home, and he was so used to a lot of outside time at Roger Williams Park in Providence, so Prospect Park was a great park to be near (let's face it, I can't afford to live right across from Central Park!)

There are cute gazebos around the park, this one nestled in a wooded area and with a view of the water.

And I LOVE foraging for herbs, and I love that chives grow in abundance in wooded areas in NY. YUM!

In the park today, I found a fort that somebody or a bunch of people made. It is AWESOME!

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