Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Live, Listen and Learn

I talk A LOT! I really talk so much that I used to find myself (and sometimes still do), after a hang out session or date thinking, "oh my, I didn't let the other person/people get a word in edgewise...I need to stop talking and start listening!"

I have gotten a lot better at this, but it always helps me to remember just how much I learn if I shut up and listen sometimes!

In my Live, Listen and Learn posts I will be highlighting some form of really valuable information, tips or tricks that I have learned from others. Some info could be from someone that I have dated (because a relationship is never really a failure if you learn some secret recipes!), some may be friends that I am still close with, or others that have faded into obscurity. Regardless of where they are now, I know that each person I come in contact with, makes some sort of impact on me, some big, some small. And each person you meet and spend time with, or speak with...could be a person that changes the way you think, live, or simply sort your laundry.

Let's start simple!

Bethanie who was a close friend in High School kept the neatest closet that I ever saw, (I on the other hand, used my closet as a fort or sometimes vampire hangout). Whenever she came to school her clothes were very nicely pressed, and somehow she never had any lint or pet hair on her clothes despite having a dog (Patches: wow, how do I remember her dog's name!?)

Basically, with my complete lack of care for what I wore in High School, unless by care you mean cared enough to purposely draw the design with marker myself, she was the polar opposite of me. I did shut up and listen however and learned a trick that comes in handy for adult me.

I know that Bethanie learned this trick from her mom, so really I can credit Mrs. P for this gem:

If you want to avoid lint/dog hair on your clothes, especially clothes that are black, hang them inside out. Simple and it works!

Thanks Bethanie and Mrs. P!
(this post would not be complete without an awful High School picture of us, Bethy is in front of me, and I am the one in the pink...with the...haircut, ha!)

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