Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap (Monday)

WOW! What a family filled weekend!

This weekend I spent time with my sister and the lovely German exchange student Laura. My sister and Laura met up at the flea market at Hell's Kitchen, and I was supposed to meet them in the afternoon. Words of advice: Do NOT drive to the area of Hell's Kitchen and expect to find parking on a Saturday! Let's just say, I missed the flea market and headed back to Brooklyn defeated.

My sister and Laura showed up with sushi ingredients and Laura taught us how to make sushi! (Which was surprisingly easy: sushi making post to come!)

They also bought us dessert from Teany, which was super yummy! I had the Peanut Butter Bomb Cake: delish!


We went on a walk at Prospect Park, and I strapped on my rollerskates (per my goals for the week!) and had a great time, it was a beautiful walk and I love living so close to a park!

After dinner and dessert we watched Parks and Recreation, which is HILARIOUS, and then had a sleepover!


My dad and stepmom came up from Lancaster and we went to ABC Carpet and IKEA to get inspired and shop around. We ate lunch at ABC Kitchen, which uses local and sustainable ingredients to make beautiful and exciting dishes. It was a bit pricey, but my basil tomato pizza (hold the cheese) was really good!

Check out this cool lucite chair from ABC Carpet! So fun to sit over a cactus, I love it!

If I have kids: this is the type of rocking chair I would want! Ha, sure this thing would not last through little ones in the house, but man is it beautiful!

I got these gorgeous tumblers at ABC Carpet. They are so awesome! When I do my makeover post, I will show all of the tumblers, they rule!

My dad's favorite cookie is a Malomar (hence my dog's name), and he was SO excited when we went into a bodega and Malomars were on the shelf. Too bad they were empty boxes used to just fill up the store! Hahaha! I watched my poor dad's heart break when we picked up the box and it was light as a feather!

A totally family filled weekend, and NOW I have lots of work to do in my house with my new finds and my new sushi making obsession!

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