Friday, March 4, 2011

My favorite homemade pizza!

I absolutely love to cook!

I love cooking with other people or by myself. I like knowing what each ingredient is that I put into my food and then into my body, and I love the fresh smells, and feelings that I get when I am chopping my own vegetables or peeling fresh fruit.

Here is a recipe for my very favorite Vegan Pizza. I try to eat as many unprocessed things as I can...but I do make exceptions once in a while. This pizza has Field Roast chipotle sausage links on it...which are processed. But my motto is, moderation moderation moderation.

The sausages really don't have that many scary ingredients, but no,...I could not make them at home I don't believe...which is my main definition of what processed is. Are there ingredients that you cannot pronounce or would not ever have in your kitchen? Then I try to avoid those products. Here is a great blog post on unprocessed eating from Andrew Wilder over at Eating Rules.

Pizza ingredients:

Whole wheat pizza dough (recipe from Animal Vegetable Miracle)
3 tsp. yeast 11⁄2 cups WARM water 3 tbs. olive oil 1 tsp. salt 21⁄2 cups white flour 2 cups whole wheat flour To make crust, dissolve the yeast into the warm water and add oil and salt to that mixture. Mix the flours and knead them into the liquid mixture. Let dough rise for 30 to 40 minutes.

1 avocado
1 bosc pear
1 link Field Roast Sausage
fresh tomatoes OR tomato sauce
I use:

Preheat over to 350 degrees.

Spread whole wheat flour out on a pizza stone or cookie sheet. Roll out dough and assemble pizza with cut sausages, cut tomatoes or tomato sauce and sliced avocado and pear.

Cook at 350 for about 15-20 minutes (check regularly on process).

~Cook pizza dough sans toppings for 4-5 minutes before prepping the entire pizza, then cut that time off of your total time.
~add avocado only during the last 5 minutes if you want the avocado less cooked

Good luck saving some for lunch the next day!

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