Saturday, August 6, 2011


Welcome!  A little bit about me:
My name is D. 

 I am a beach/pond/swimming hole loving, farm obsessed, novel reading, yoga doin', vegan treat making NYC livin' lady.
For 10 hours of my day, I work as an Art + Design Educator in Harlem NYC for students in grades K-4. 
Health and cooking with whole foods is really important to me.  I like to post about some of my favorite recipes, including vegan friendly recipes with farm fresh ingredients. 
I share my Brooklyn apartment with 2 rescued cats that I love and adore.  
Ganoushie is on the left and Clawdia is on the right. 
I have an adorable Papillon named Malomar.  He is a great hiking, running and travel buddy and I take him just about everywhere!
 Being surrounded by nature and growing my own food is really important to me.  The transition to living in NYC has forced me to get creative.  I live across from a big beautiful park, keep herbs and some small plants (in growing season) in my apartment, frequent the local farmer's market and spend weekends traveling, often to Rhode Island and Maryland. 

Thanks for checking out my blog!
Make yourself at home. 


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