Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday V.4

Honestly, since returning from the NAEA Conference in Seattle, I have been having SUCH great days! Thankful Thursdays were a way to make sure I power through my week at my very challenging job and step back and think of the things that are going well, instead of letting the challenges get the best of me.

This week I would love to highlight how particularly amazing my job is. I love my students, even the ones that give me a hard time. Yesterday, I had a complete breakthrough with a scholar and found that she is incredibly talented at observational drawing at such a young age. I was SO excited and I am so proud of her for her focus! She is in first grade. Here she is proudly holding up the beginning of her drawing (we were focusing on contour lines to facilitate observational drawing skills).

I am thankful for my friends at work.

I am so fortunate to have an amazing team to work with. Each at the end of the day I meet up with a few of my colleagues and we laugh and complain and joke with one another. It really makes a big difference to have people that you work with you can lean on and loosen up with. We have our own little inside jokes, and they are definitely rubbing off on me. Yesterday morning I was caught saying one of the Dance Teacher's catch phrases and I didn't even know it!

They are very upbeat and full of energy and I am so glad to have met them.

I am thankful that I found an apartment across the street from a park where people are working out morning, noon and night.

I see joggers, cyclists, walkers, people riding horseback and people stretching and playing ball with their children every day. It is so motivating to see people of all ages taking charge of their health and committing to being active. That kind of activity is infectious, and the proximity of the park and the people breaking a sweat has motivated me to get in there and sweat as well.

With the help of upbeat music, sometimes my dog, and sometimes my skates, I find myself striving to be more efficient at work, so that I have more home time and therefore...more exercise time!

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