Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday V.2

WOW! Today has been amazing so far!

I woke up to little Malomar being the littlest spoon which was hilariously cute and pretty much set me up for an awesome day. My alarm went off, my eyes opened and his head peaked up through my arm and he kissed me on the nose. PERFECT!

He is such an awesome little dude!

I am thankful for a dog so sweet and full of energy and love.

Malomar and I took our morning walk and I didn't need multiple layers or a winter coat because SPRING is on the way!

I am thankful for warmer weather, and no more THIS! *crosses fingers*:

Tonight I will be cooking whole and healthy food, as per usual. Last night I made awesome whole wheat pizza, with my favorite toppings (post with recipe to come soon!), tonight I will be making homemade salsa, and a detoxifying soup. I can't wait to cook!

I am thankful for such wonderful recipe books, and the ability to purchase and prepare healthy meals:

Every now and then when I get too rilled up from always expecting 100% from my students, and taking myself a little too seriously....I allow my students to poke fun at me a little. I had one of my 1st graders play the roll of me for a read aloud and make sure every student was actively listening and on their best behavior. His face is priceless as he pretends to give them my "look."

I am thankful for the energy and humor in children, and that I get to be around children every day for my work!

After going on a run, and cooking yummy food, I will be locking myself in my studio to focus on a new painting. I love having inspiring people around me that push me to create, focus, and work hard.

I am thankful for lovely and inspiring people in my life. People that push me to be a better, kinder person, a more focused artist and a more involved community member. Particularly these gems.

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