Friday, March 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday V.3

So I did not get to update yesterday with my Thankful Thursday post because I spent all day either curled in a ball or in Urgent Care.

Seems that my Tom Yum soup from an area thai food place (that I usually frequent and I will spare the online wrath right now), had SHRIMP in it! On Tuesday I was happily eating my soup for lunch during my planning period, and got 1/3 of the way through when I saw a gushy disgusting little shrimp hanging out at the bottom of my soup bowl...and on further investigation, I found THREE! I immediately threw out the soup and tried not to think about it. I have never had fish or seafood, and the sight of the shrimp made me sick to my stomach, but I tried to just move on with my day and focus on my fruits and nuts that I had for snack and ignore my grumbling belly.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning when I woke up at 5 am for work and immediately was sick. I tried to go to work, but alas could not make it as the sickness did not stop.

Thursday I fared a bit better and made it to work, but could not stay as I couldn't even make it through class without having backup come and watch my I left to go to Urgent Care (at which point I spent my whole day there, waiting to be seen, getting tests, but then meeting with a very friendly doctor who was very very helpful).

Turns out I had food poisoning from improperly cooked/stored/handled shellfish. I know that I had some strain of Vibrio food poisoning but at this point I am not sure which one! I didn't think to write it down and just instead took my antibiotic prescription and sentence to eat bland ass food for days on end.

So these are the things I am WAY thankful for!

Having health insurance! Man oh man is it great to have health insurance from a full-time job. I realize how lucky this makes me and I am quite thankful.

Having a Benny card. I am not sure if these are even offered everywhere, I know I never had that option at a job before, but I am so happy that in NYC I have an option of setting aside medical bill money pre-tax from my paycheck. If your company has Benny card option, seriously take it! I use it for my transit and for my medicines...which include things like contacts and contact solution and bandaids/first aid stuff as well as birth control. That's right, money aside pre-tax for being safe when getting down!

Having a local family care place that takes walk ins and acts a bit like an Urgent Care. The staff was really helpful and it certainly beats sitting in an ER when you know damn well you shouldn't be at the Emergency Room.

And as always, I am thankful for my little ones for being so understanding *cough cough Malomar constantly STANDS on my stomach while I'm writhing in pain* and keeping me company!

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