Monday, March 21, 2011

Seattle (Image Heavy)

I had a chance this weekend to go to Seattle for the National Art Education Association 2011 Conference.

I didn't spend a lot of time roaming the streets as I was busy at the conference, but here are the photos that I managed to snap while in the state of Washington.

Seattle skyline view from the hotel.

Seattle has some really cool architecture, I like how this is not too out there but has some extra interest with the slanted roof.

Vegan sweet potato enchiladas.

Walking toward the space needle.

Some photos from Seattle Art Museum:

And lastly, the Nick Cave Sound Suit Exhibit!

I did take a few photos of the work before I realized it was not allowed, so I will not post them up here: I don't want to get in trouble or represent his work in a way he would not agree on....but seriously, check out this work! It is AWESOME!

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