Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aloha from Missouri {If you say this right, it rhymes!}

I have been out in the Midwest visiting my Grandmother, age 86, who has been in the hospital for a few weeks now due to a fall.  She is a trooper and a half and my Grandfather, age 88, is right by her side each day at the hospital, smiling and joking around and showing his support, devotion and love.

Here is a photo of her and I before her surgery yesterday. The surgery went well and she is now in recovery and we are awaiting when she heads back to the nursing home and away from the hospital!

I will be back with more updates after some much needed family time.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

What I've Been Up To: Summer, NYC & Elsewhere

Summer is a time for long walks, smelling flowers and taking the time to slow down.
It is a time to get dinner (especially nime chow) with friends, often. 
Summer is made for quick road trips, vegan brownies and swimming holes.
Summer means barbecuing and beach trips with family.
Summer is incomplete without a trip to the ballpark, kids screaming, fans chowing down on sausage and peppers, and completely socially accepted daydrinking.  
 Summer in NYC means free beaches, covered in beautiful babes sunbathing topless, kids playing in the sand nearby and those delightful frisbee throwers kicking up sand everywhere. The beach rules also include mandatory frolicking, and I am always happy to oblige.  
 Governor's Island is only open during the summers.  You can take a free ferry over to the island.  We lucked out on this ferry, free beer and scavenged ourselves some free sandwiches!

May your summers be filled with friends, fun and blue skies as well!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I've Been Up To: Summer, NYC

The Body and the Assembly of Light Choir stopped through NYC on their tour and I caught the show at Le Poisson Rouge.  It was totally killer.  Here are some links to a video on NPR of the show and an interview with Chip from The Body, as well as the tour wrap up from Jaime Lowe. 

Here are some photos from the show that night and our pizza run afterward. 
 NYC has street fairs quite often, and they happen even more often in the summer.  Here are some photos from the Stinky Cheese Fair...and yes, these people are dressed up as gouda, and a cheese grater, hilarious!
To me, summer is just not complete without enjoying your ice cold beer outside.  Here are some photos of us doing just that in Astoria at Club 21. Where, by the way, they have a really banging salad.
Is it just me, or are sunsets more beautiful in summer?  I tend to think that sunsets are even better when you are driving in your car almost killing yourself to try to take a photo out the window.  They are allusive and dangerous, like double rainbows. 
Hope you are enjoying your summer too!