Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Marek's Birthday

A little get together for Marek's birthday. I got home from Seattle and the NAEA conference, and Alex and I headed over to Bushwick to celebrate with Marek, Kristyna and friends.

The spread. They always outdo themselves. There are various homemade dips, some vegan and raw, along with all different types of breads, stuffed peppers, veggies and more!

Kristyna explaining her work to Alex.

The ladies reviewing a magazine which recently published an article about Kristyna's work.

Beautiful homemade cake made by Kristyna!

Vegan Risotto, yum!

Marek opening presents.

Honza and Alex telling weirdo stories.

In addition to the amazing foods already prepared, Marek whipped me up some vegan berry ice cream with cashew cream on top of it when he realized I couldn't have the cake (eggs in it), this is just the way they are! So amazing! One of their dips was made with cashews, almonds and homemade (homegrown) sundried tomatoes. They are inspiring! We also enjoyed Honza's homebrewed beer, including his much sought after pumpkin ale!

Always a fun time!

If you didn't check the link, definitely check out the project Marek and Kristyna are collaborating on right now, LOOKING FOR HOME...currently being installed at the Queens College Art Center.

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