Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't Buy it, DIY it!

With the exception of a very once in a while slip up or cheat day, I have cut HFCS out of my diet. That's right, bye bye high fructose corn syrup and all of the terrible things you do to my body, the awful homogenous agriculture that you create with your demand and your presence in SO.MANY.THINGS.

At my job we are provided with free drinks. That's right, coffee, teas, sodas, seltzer waters etc. We also have free snacks...and up until some magical fairy of good food came, the snacks were all Hershey's kisses, snickers mini bars etc.

Now we have apples and trail mix and oatmeal! OH MY! Vegan things I can eat for free at my work, it IS 2011!

That being said, seeing the gingerale in the break room every single day has gotten into my brain, and my belly. I NEED IT! However, the gingerale has that awful HFCS in it. So I decided to make my own!

Instead of:
Which has high fructose corn syrup as its second ingredient.
(Full ingredient list is: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, natural flavors, caramel color...yikes!)

Try this:
Homemade Ginger Ale!

4 cups club soda
1 inch knob of ginger, peeled and diced
1 cinnamon stick
a squeeze of agave or dash of raw sugar (optional)

Combine all ingredients in mason jar and chill for at least 30 minutes. If you don't want to strain the mixture (which is really not a big deal anyway), you can put the ginger in a sachet or tea will infuse it's lovely power into the club soda from its nesting place no problem!


That's it! So simple!

Today for lunch I enjoyed my homemade ginger ale alongside an avocado, fresh salsa wrap on an ezekial tortilla. So quick and easy to make and filling!


Avocado/Guacamole mixture:
2 Avocados
1 small yellow onion
1 tomato
Juice from one lemon
pepper and salt to season
(chop all ingredients and mix thoroughly)

Salsa mixture:
1 small red onion
3 vine tomatoes
1 green onion
1 jalapeno or serano pepper seeded and diced
1 handful cilantro
(chop all ingredients and combine in small bowl)

This is a cheap, easy to make lunch that is filling and healthy!

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