Monday, May 2, 2011

the little things...mindfulness

I make sure that I am not watching a netflix or hulu shows or reading blogs when I eat...I take that time to really be mindful of the tastes, feel and smells of the food I am enjoying.

Dinner time is one of my favorite times to spend making food with family or friends, and I can't get enough of breakfast or brunch and conversation with friends or that special someone. I really like how food can bring us together to create fun dishes, laugh over mishaps, and nourish our bodies with fresh and tasty foods.

I am a little obsessed with clementines as of late. I go through so many clementines in a week that it is borderline embarrassing. I can polish off one of those bags-o-clementines by myself no problem!

As I peel back the skin I get a wonderful whiff of freshness and I love how all of the parts stay together when it is peeled. I love the taste of citrus but I find myself unable to eat a lot of oranges because they are just so damn messy and sticky. The clementine's peel opens to reveal the neatest of all citrus fruit in my opinion, all tucked away in little wedges that safely store the juicy goodness until they are in your mouth (and not all over your hands!)

I cannot state this enough. There is absolutely no processed candy bar in the world that can give me an immediate pick-me-up the way a clementine can. It brightens my mood, tastes just amazing, and leaves me feeling refreshed and satiated, not bogged down and full.



  1. I dream of being able to grow clementines in my back yard...if I had a backyard! One day :D