Saturday, May 14, 2011


One thing that I like about where I live is that so many people use public transit, bike or walk to where they need to go. When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, I would often bike covered bridge to covered bridge or walk to my friend's houses. We did, however, sort of live in the middle of nowhere so walking to get a coffee was unheard of, walking to the grocery store or to boutiques was just impossible.

This morning, after doing Derby Fit...which by the way was really fun and a great workout! (My quads got their monies worth)...I took Malomar for a long walk to do errands. Not only can I easily walk to a cafe, my optometrist, and to many local grocery stores...I can walk through a wooded area in the park to get to all of these places. NYC isn't all so bad!

Hope your weekend is filled with sun and long walks too!


  1. Oh, pretty! Mine has been, so far, too! : )



  2. Aww thanks! I just saw your blog post! I saw children drawing with chalk too, and there was some hopscotch action as well.