Monday, May 2, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week One (from Sometimes Sweet)

I have been known to make a to do list that involves such items as "drink coffee" or "feed pets"...things that I always do anyway, but boy does it feel nice to put an X in the when I saw Danielle's post over at Sometimes Sweet about setting small attainable weekly goals, I decided to participate as well, and feel the rush of checking off items on a weekly to do!

This week's theme is...

Go and check out her post, and open your eyes to some other bloggers as well. This week Danielle had guests posts from both Don and Rachel, a lovely couple who both blog and set their three goals for blogging. Check out what they have to say about why people blog, and their focus on supporting their local community. Just seeing this post made me so happy to see other like minded people sharing away on the web.

Since I am relatively new to blogging, I am excited that the first goals are about our little corners of the internet.

Goal 1: Since I have moved into NYC I have been so busy with work that perhaps I haven't gotten enough time out to notice my I will create a weekly post regarding Brooklyn. Not only will it be fun to share the cool things I have already found in my new home base, but it will force me to get out and explore even more! This Sunday I happened into the Cobble Hill area and immediately fell in love. It honestly made my Sunday amazing to find this new little area of town and explore. This goal will get me out and about with purpose, and I will really be prompted to take the time to notice all of the cool things my new city has to offer!

Goal 2: Share a recipe that I use often. Food is something I am very mindful of. I would say after rent, it is what I spend the most money on (voting with my wallet). I also spend a lot of time preparing and enjoying all different kinds of food and I would like to share!

Goal 3: Connect more with other bloggers. I have started to really enjoy coming online and checking out my daily reads and I should definitely tell some of these people how great they are!

Three cheers for small attainable goals!


  1. I love your goals. I have a similar goal as number three, to get out there and start chatting. I would really like to see some more of your recipes too, I'm still dying to try the baked kale you posted about a few months ago, it looked delicious.

  2. Thanks for mentioning us, and your kind words! Good luck with your goals, I look forward to reading!

  3. Amanda- Thank you so much! My friend Courtney tried the kale recipe (her first time eating kale!) ala my blog post and didn't like it the first time...which bummed me out because I LOVE kale...but she made it again and kept in baking for a bit longer and liked it then. So...just as it can vary the time and make it crispier if you prefer! I am excited to see your presence more too!

    Rach-No problem! I was really excited to see your post and the video is great as well! I really appreciate you speaking to supporting the local community, and what you wrote about going to the farmer's market with your family.