Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday's Song

Seriously, Four Minute Mile is such a good album...yeah, I said it!

I remember being so in love with The Get Up Kids when I was in High School and I would take my "long" drives to Lebanon from Lancaster blasting this album. My friends and I traveled all up and down the upper eastern states to see The Get Up Kids, screaming along to their music with our super cuffed jeans, short black hair, hoodies on and huge water bottle in tow. Also, during this time I was listening to a lot of powerviolence, grindcore and screamo and all of that crap...and went through a small bout of never wearing big deal, totally normal stuff.

Every time I hear these songs I think of those trips. One particular trip that comes to mind is this time I went to go jumping on rocks with my buddy Wibbs. We rode in his VW beetle into a wooded area and we would jump from rock to rock in a stream. We would literally say, let's go jump on rocks. That was a normal hang out at that time. Of course, being super clumsy, one day we were jumping rock to rock and I fell into the stream. I remember listening to this album with my hand out of the window, holding my pants, with about 12 hoodies wrapped around my waist as to conceal my probably totally lame skivvies.

Ahh memories.

I also put in Michelle with one L...for my Ma Dukes. Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there!

The Get Up Kids - Michelle with one ''L'' by thrsh

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