Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the little things (pet spotlight)

Having animals in my life is such a wonderful thing. For those of you who have pets, I am sure it's no surprise that I would say my animals truly have a special place in my heart. I love them so much and I can't imagine my morning without hearing Ganoushie's little meow asking for food, Claudia running up and jumping onto the sink to get water, and Malomar's ears perking up because he knows we are going outside as soon as I get dressed!

When I was looking back at the timestamps on my old twitpics, I realized that I have had Malomar for a while now! We have lived in 3 different apartments now. (4 places for Malomar if you count his vacation in Lancaster with my mom). We have gone on multiple trips up and down the east coast from New Hampshire to Maryland and everything in between. We have gone on long hikes, he has been forced to go swimming (HATES IT) been through broken bones, have been to many beaches, and have even gone on a kayak and a canoe! (Malomar actually really enjoys this).

Then I thought about Ganoushie. He has lived with me now for many years. I found him in Taunton Massachusetts at the Silver City Skate Rink when I was there for Roller Derby practice. He was outside hanging out with some other gangsta cats and was pretty skinny. He had a cut on his nose, and let me pick him up without too much resistance. He looked hungry so I fed him vegan banana bread...and I told him that if he was there when I came out of practice I would take him home.

The whole time I was inside skating I was thinking about him. Let's be honest, if he wasn't there I would have probably gone looking for him...but what do you know...Ganoushie was lounging out on a car hood when I came out of practice hours later!

After begging Dolly to let me take Ganoushie home...the rest is history. He was a terror when I first got him, and even still he is a *star* patient at the vet (read as: they are prepared with extra people for when he comes in, full protection with gloves up to their elbows and my poor baby gets a shot to make him asleep EVERY time he goes to the vet...for anything!

Yeah he is pretty badass.

I love him so much!

Do you have any pets?

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