Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday V.11

I almost forgot that today was Thursday...but now it makes a lot of sense. There were a lot of ups and downs to the day today, and this part of my night has ended with a bang. I am happy that I still have a nighttime walk to go on and some painting to do to end the night on a high note!

I am thankful for...
Noticing the small details, taking the time to really take in my surroundings.

I am thankful for...
Trudging around in my peter pan shoes. I actually found these brand new on the side of the road. Rhode Island rules for treasure many people just get rid of amazing things that are perfectly fine for no reason! NYC is like that too actually.

Also, my pup after a long muddy walk. He hates getting a bath so much and always looks crazy distraught when he gets wet. Maybe he gets upset because he looks so weird when he's wet, but man do I love that little look of embarrassment on his face!

I am thankful for...
Being able to laugh at myself and at ridiculous situations. I think that laughter is the main component to a healthy day! It is one thing that certainly gets me through my day.

Take a moment, especially if you have had a hard day, to think of the things that went well. What small moments in your day did you find particularly satisfying? The smell of an orange as you pulled back the peel? A good laugh with friends? A smile from a stranger on the street?

What makes you thankful today?


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