Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Providence Flashback via Twitter (SUPER Image Heavy)

Oh man. One reason that I kind of love the internet, is the fact that you can go back and look at so many photos stored from over the years in this great accessible digital archive.

A camera is an unreasonable place to store photos...especially if you take as many photographs as I do. We all know that computers crash, and even external hard drives can be grumpy sometimes. Let's see, your phone...well, if you are someone like me...who knows when you will drop that piece in the toilet or something and POOF all photos taken on it are gone! That is why I like uploading things to the internet, where they are safe and sound, and I can look back on them!

Here is a collection of phone photos from Providence, starting with the first photo I ever tweeted and ending in my car on the way to NYC. Don't worry, I spared you a few million.
It is nice to look back at old chapters this way, with beautiful memories and snapshots of daily life.

And now to continue on my new chapter of life here in NYC...
Do you have any old photos on twitpic that you love?


  1. Dog + neckerchief = awesome. Always.

  2. These photos are great! You would so fit right in here in Portland, OR.

  3. Sarah: He gets so excited to wear that bandana. It is reserved for cabin trips and hikes so he knows what it means!

    Krista: Thanks! People tell me that often about Portland :)