Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

This is my SUPER sneaky face. I am the WORST at keeping surprises and secrets. For April Fools, I was not even made privy to jokes the other teachers were playing on each other because I have no game face, but I am so proud of myself for not messing up this past weekend's surprise!

I had to consciously make sure that I did not let it slip to the wrong people, or update anything on the internet saying that I was going up to Providence, for my best friend's boyfriend's surprise birthday party!!! If I were to say that I was heading to Providence, I know that Mark would say to Missy, "Umm Danielle is coming up, but she isn't staying with us? Are you guys hanging out?"...and then the whole thing would be ruined!

I was so proud of myself when Mark (b-day boy) told me that he thought I was going to the pillow fight in NYC.

Malomar and I loaded into the car, and drove right up to the old homeland. Seeing this sign always makes me feel a little sad, so Malomar and I skipped Roger Williams Park this time, and instead met Rebecca at Bell St Dog Park so Malomar could run around with his long lost pals.

A whole slew of people met at Mr. Taco in West Warwick to surprise Mark for his birthday. The place actually took a reservation of 30, which make Missy super happy, and I was stoked on it when I ordered a margarita and it was less than 6 bucks!

Here are some photos from the night:

We texted Rich from across the room to tell him that the beans are cooked in butter. How lazy of us!

que pasa!


Leah and Danny

Leah and Danny



Missy being a babe, Eric being an idiot

Pete explaining Instagram to me.


Mark showing off the ridiculously huge cake knife

Why does everything always become American Gothic? ha


I did the whole NYC to PVD trip in one day. Managed to see buddies at Federal Hill Tattoo and catch up, hit up the dog park and see Becca and Pete there, grab a cupcake from the cupcakarie, and not blow a surprise party.

And, of course, I got to see my BEST FRIEND!

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