Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Live, Listen and Learn V.4

My sister and I were talking a lot about the difference between growing up in America and growing up in other countries, or even the difference it makes when you spend time in other countries. I know that people often say moving to another country and living abroad changes you forever, so I asked my sister a little bit about that. My sister studied abroad in London during her undergraduate, and she moved to Czech Republic and lived there for a while. She and her husband, who she met in the Czech Republic moved to Portugal together for a little while before going back to Prague and then eventually moving to NY.

We discussed a lot of cultural and social differences that occur in other countries and there were many to talk about! One thing my sister said is that in other countries, children listen to their elders and respect what they have to say. There is a tradition of listening to people older than you and really taking it in, realizing that maybe they have something to share with you that they have learned from all of their years and experiences on earth.

Well, at the Czech Center opening, I spoke to many different people of all ages and coming from a lot of different backgrounds.

One person I spoke to was this gem:

Who imparted the following wisdom...

He said, "I have learned this...if you want a good life, you need 4 things:

1. Someone to love
2. Something to do
3. Something to look forward to
4. To not take life too seriously"

...I think this is wonderful advice!

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