Friday, April 22, 2011

MoMa visit

Wednesday I headed into the city and met up with my sister to check out the Abstract Expressionist exhibit at MoMA.

One of my favorite sites was this man videotaping the painting. I pictured him sitting his family down and making them watch videotapes of paintings on a loop, sort of the equivalent to the horrors of watching family vacation slides.

After seeing the Abstract Expressionist pieces, we headed over to the music exhibit, Looking at Music 3.0.

I wish we had more time, and I will certainly have to go back to the music exhibit...zines and Le Tigre and the creation of the music video, so cool!

As the Museum was closing, we headed over to Cafe 79 and had dinner, which was awesome...and then we checked out the Design opening at the Czech Center. Days and nights like these make me feel so happy to live in NYC!

PS. I know the responsible teacher in me should not find this funny...but I love the little details, and seeing this at the Museum gave me a laugh.

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