Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Recap (Image Heavy)

I am known to pack the most inappropriate things ever for cabin trips. In the past I swear that I have brought high heels with the hopes of being cute on the deck by the water. This time, when visiting my sister's cabin I decided to pack as light as possible and only bring things that made sense. The clothes on my back, some books, jammies and workout gear should the mood strike me.

Malomar and I headed down south, through New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and on to Maryland. He is a total trooper on road trips and has been taking them for a long time. He does so well in the car!

A sneak peek into the cabin. It is decorated as cabin kitsch as possible, rules.

Whenever my sister and her husband and I get together, cooking is a main past time. My sister made an awesome roasted red pepper soup from this cookbook! Yum!

My dad came down and ate with us too! He has been eating a lot more vegetarian food lately, I so happy about this! It is great when you can cook good vegan food for people and they don't even know the difference!
We also made some yummy pizza. The trick for this one: fresh ginger to liven up the crust (Thanks Chris!)

There are a lot of farms around Maryland, and this one has their animals all outside roaming around. A good place to buy cheese, or meat from if you partake in that sort of thing.

We also hit up a great nursery and I was very happy to get bee balm and a couple herb plants.

At this particular farm they had roaming horses, and also goats for sale! I couldn't resist their cute little faces!

As always, you can click on my photographs for a larger image.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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