Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap (Monday)

Saturday in links!

~Coffee at Commune
~Roaming around with Malomar at Prospect Park
~Train to Manhattan
~Meet Jaime at Anarchist Book Fair
~Buy The Story of Crass and reacquire one of my favorite compilations of zines, Burn Collector
~Coffee and Conversation at an area coffee shop (I forget where we were!)
~Shopping at Screamin Mimis
~Shop and swoon at Oak
~Dinner at Atlas Cafe I had vegan ravioli AND a vegan sweet crepe. So good!

Sunday in photos!

~Awww, cute old couple walking down the block when I was on my way to get coffee.
~Neighborhood kitty, this thing was HUGE!
~Park Life.
~Eh, no big deal just local ostrich and emu eggs at Whole Foods Tribeca, people were going WILD over seeing these!
~At Whole Foods, the whole slew of vegan processed foods I will be avoiding.

~Unprocessed Homemade Pizza for dinner, recipe HERE!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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