Monday, April 18, 2011

Live, Listen and Learn V.4

One of my favorite places to Listen and Learn is on TED|Talks. I was introduced to Ted Talks during graduate school at RISD, where we watched a TED|talk by Sir Ken Robinson on Schools Killing Creativity. After this video, I was pretty much instantly hooked on TED|Talks, and used to project them in my old apartment and watch them while eating dinner.

Here is a video by Mark Bittman on our food production, titled, "What's wrong with what we eat." This topic is very important to me, and I try to stay abreast of changes in our food production and how my choices affect the bigger picture. Yesterday on the phone with my father, he asked me..."Why are you having me read this book to make me become vegetarian?" He was referring to Eating Animals, by Jonathon Safran Foer, which I gave him as a holiday present.

Now, my goal isn't to make everyone vegan or vegetarian, and that was not my intent on buying this book for my father. My goal is to make him informed, which is exactly what I told him. 'My goal is not to change everything about you, or change the way you eat, my goal is to change the way you think...I want you to be informed about what you eat, how your purchases affect others, and I want you to think as deeply about food as you do about finance, goal setting, and psychology.'

Here is a video to get you thinking deeply about food:

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