Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth

1. Clementines. My very favorite winter citrus fruit.  Did you know that clementines are good for your complexion?  One more reason to buy a bag! 

2. This awesome owl inspired hooded scarf.  I love wrapping myself up in something super cozy. I am going to make one!  

3. I still need to learn not to leave the house without my Nikon.  I love Nikon cameras so much.  Next up, invest in a new fun lens! 

4. I rolled a log for miles and miles in Maryland to use as my bedside table and I absolutely love it!  Free furniture!  A heck of a lot cooler than paying 450 for it...but do what you want guys. 

5. Raccoons!  There are a few raccoons in Prospect Park that I just adore.  I think I am going to paint one to hang in my apartment.  By the way, the one raccoon is named Henry, the other one is Shayla.  They are in love.
Deal with it. 

6. A new picnic basket for foraging.  I love how Kaylah from the Dainty Squid hunts for her mushrooms with a picnic basket...so sneaky! 

7. Let's not forget our reusable bags in the Wintertime....what with bundling up, putting on gloves and scarves...it's important not to forget that those little things make a big difference. 

8.  This owl pillow is a great gift for your favorite avid reader.  Or me, if you are so inclined! 


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