Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lake Placid Trip

This weekend I drove upstate from Brooklyn through windy dark roads and steep climbing hills.  I was pretty sure that the drive was absolutely beautiful, if only I could see through the pitch black.  I'm not going to lie, I love driving at night and am always up for adventure, but I was a little worried as my little Cabrio hesitated and protested on some of those big hills.  Remind me to renew my AAA membership.  

The hours of driving, and even getting pulled over and ticketed were totally worth it. I guess my car is too loud....apparently mufflers are not optional. 

The views in Lake Placid are spectacular, and it was so nice to be absolutely surrounded by nature and take a break from the hustle of the city.  

A group of us gathered together to make a music video; of which I am not allowed to give a behind the scenes sneak peak...just yet.  I will say this...it was a lot of fun and I am really excited to see how it turned out!  

Malomar is always incredibly happy in the woods, he loves to be surrounded by nature.  I am lucky because he can be left to run around by himself for hours and he always comes back when he is called.    For Malomar, it was even better this time because he had friends to play with!
Meet Bobbi Jean, a sweetheart who couldn't get enough of playing fetch.  Malomar and Bobbi played around for hours on end and didn't seem to tire out at all.  
Back at the house, there was this little cutie, who was too old to go running around in the woods but still had a lot of spunk in her.  She is sixteen years old and probably blind, possibly deaf but was still scooting around and playing with Malomar and Bobbi.  She is adorable!  
While the boys and girls were setting up I took some time with my camera and took some photographs in the woods.  I love all of the colors and textures in nature and the combination of new growth with the death and renewal that happens in the Fall.  The leaves turn colors and fall to the ground to fertilize and compost new growth, the nutrients pouring back into the land.  I think Fall is a lovely time of year, and this process is absolutely beautiful to me.  

It was much more chilly up in Lake Placid than it is in Brooklyn.  I finally broke out my beautiful all white cashmere dress that I have been absolutely terrified to wear.  I am incredibly clumsy, and so white and dry clean only is a scary combination for me!  Paired with some jeans, boots and of course my favorite asymmetrical sweater I was super warm and cozy. 

I am literally dying from not showing you behind the scenes photos from the shoot.  They are crazy cool....but patience is a virtue, right? 

Hope you had a beautiful weekend as well!


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