Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Manhattan Bites!

I am not sure I even liked the food very much at Milon 2, but man is it worth checking this place out.  Plus, I didn't get sick so I guess that's a plus!  Still trying to figure out what is triggering crazy stomach aches after each meal.  

I wish I could recommend this place for the ambiance and the delectable food, but I doubt I can do either.
All I can say is....You seriously have to go here.  

Milon is located on 1st avenue right adjacent to the always lovely Caravan of Dreams.  You can't miss it.  There are 3 Restaurants total, two upstairs and one downstairs and there are men outside screaming and yelling at you to pick their restaurant for your dining needs.  Go up the stairs and to the left and enter...well...I don't know...enter a sort of hellish nightmare in a space as big as an airplane, no overhead room and packed to the brim with the most amount of lights ever.  How this place is not a fire hazard, I don't know.

I felt like a video may be the best way to share the craziness with you. Dominic took a video with his phone, so pardon the poor least you can see how ridiculous this place is.

Tip: say it is your Birthday and the lights flicker on and off and crazy Birthday music plays. Let's just say it was a lot of people's "Birthdays" that night.

The only thing that remotely saved this place in terms of my tummy were the Banana Pakoras, which I had never had before.  They are like a fried plantain basically, but with the tamarind sauce on them, they are pretty freakin' tasty.  If nothing else, go there, say it's your Birthday and order these.  You won't be disappointed.
Well, maybe you will be disappointed but you will definitely have had an experience!

Happy Dining!


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