Thursday, November 17, 2011

Live, Listen and Learn V.5 (Martha Martha Martha)

Today I was stressing the importance of re-reading books to my 1st grade Reading group.  

We talked about how sometimes when you read, you do not get all of the information the first time around.  I used a book I had just re-read and finished this morning on my commute as an example.  I have definitely read my share of my favorite books time and time again.  Go ahead and ask me how many times I have read Animal Vegetable Miracle.  I cannot get sick of Kingsolver's writing or the story; and the inspiration that I draw from that book each time I pick it back up is infectious!  

While I had read The Martha Rules once before, and maybe even twice before, I knew that there is valuable information in that book that I should certainly be reminded of.

I remember when Martha Stewart had gotten into all of those lengthly legal battles involving her personal portfolio and perhaps some unwise or misguided decisions.  I felt as if she was being made an example of, and quite frankly I felt she was targeted even more because she is a woman in a place of high power.  She is also a very visible woman, who inspires many others and this situation had the potential to absolutely crush her career, and the empire she had built up by elevating the Art of homemaking into something to be revered and respected.

Even though I was aware this type of situation could potentially halt all of the successes she had made, I had a feeling Martha would come through shining brighter than ever.

Martha has the unique gift of creating beauty where others see work.  She has the ability to bring together and manage a design team of incredibly talented people and she has the charisma to inspire and empower others around her.  She is ultimately a very gifted teacher.  

As the R train neared Times Square, and I was finishing up the book, I re-read a paragraph that I would like to share with you. 

Martha writes: 
"There are certain things that just can't be taken away from you: not by a change in government regulations, not by a fire in the warehouse, not be a betrayal of a trustee, not even by a federal trial and incarceration.  The precious things that remain are you ideas, your determination, your work ethic, your loyal colleagues, your mentors and all of the other friends who care about you and encourage you." 

What an absolutely inspirational message in a world where we often get discouraged and feel a little bit lost.  Thank you Martha. 


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