Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunday's Song

{Friday night, a bill to legalize gay marriage in NY was passed, and celebrations erupted all over the city!}

A part of me and I am sure a part of many others are saying, what took so long!  Regardless of how overdue this bill is...I along with many other NY'ers feel very proud to live in a state in which all love is created equal.  It is unfathomable to me that we live in such a country which will recognize the marriage of two drunk strangers by an Elvis impersonator yet will not recognize the true love, companionship and trust between a couple purely based on their gender.  Thank you NY for recognizing this hypocrisy and helping right the situation.

I am proud to live in a state that recognizes the basic human rights of all of its's about time!

Now time to celebrate!  Saturday there was Gay Field Day in Prospect Park, rallies and marches in the city, and today is the parade!


  1. YAAAAY!!! i love california, but i will never get over the disappointment in how long it's taking to legalize gay marriage. it's just so shocking and disturbing that it's an issue at all anywhere. my husband and i actually did not do a legal marriage license as our way of standing with our dozens of gay, lesbian, & transgendered friends and family. we filed for a domestic partnership and were told that we could not do a domestic partnership unless we were same-sex or a straight couple over 65 years old. more absurdity! so we are just domestic partners with the cities of LA and SF, and we'll be petitioning to have our partnership federally recognized this fall. it's just so sad that there's any kind of separation in any way. we all experience the same beautiful love which deserves recognition.

  2. I went to your blog and read about your domestic partnership ceremony...not only was I touched by the fact that you and your partner would take a stand for those around you and for love for all, but also I have to say the ceremony is beautiful and amazing. Your words and actions are absolutely heartwarming.