Wednesday, June 15, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week Seven (Personal Style)

{a funny thing happened on the way to the blog....}

I was downloading and looking through random photos that I have in order to show what kinds of things I usually wear.  I was thinking that the target of my Personal Style goals could be to pare down some of the weirdo things that I own.  Who, after all, needs 5 gowns from the 70s one in lime green with metal details?  Who needs 15 pairs of lamé pants and every color of lamé top and high waisted booty shorts possible?  And why do I actually have an entire portion of my closet devoted to "costumes"?

Then I realized...because it is FUN, and I like it, and it's ME! 

Sure the closet article in Shape magazine gave me a little bit of inspiration, having a sparse closet with a few choice pieces sounds great...but what kind of terrible predicament would I be in when invited to a hillbilly dance party, a zombie festival or an 80s prom dance party...I would have nothing to wear! Let's face it, that is just unacceptable.

Sure I have a lot of clothes, and yes, I have a lot of impractical clothes too, but for right now...I am not over playing dress up!

So here are my 3 personal style goals for this week:
Goal 1:  Cut up and redesign any clothing that I just never wear.  Donate things that are nice enough to donate, or put vintage wear for sale.

Goal 2:  Put aside any shoes that need repair, donate or get rid of shoes that are beyond repair or that I haven't worn all season.

Goal 3:  Switch seasonal clothing out and reorganize school clothing versus play clothing (Mister Rogers style).

Thanks Danielle and Elsie for the inspiration!



  1. haha, i love this! wear those crazy clothes with pride. :) i think the exact same thing when i try to clear out the closet - "but what will i wear to a [insert ridiculous theme here] party?" we love to go all out in whatever style the event calls for, and we have a lot of friends who throw themed parties. we love it, so our crazy clothes stay and we work on building our muscles so we can wrestle things in and out of our jam-packed closet. worth it. :)

  2. amen!!! As much as shopping for a last minute straw hat, cutoff overalls and flannel sounds fun: isn't it great to just...have that stuff...Girl Scout motto style.