Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday's Song (Music Monday)

{I was unable to post this song yesterday from the road b/c I lost my phone! So here it is, a day late...still beautiful, still very appropriate...}

Now to go find a new battery charger for my camera, and see what to do about my phone mishap.

Sidenote: I am not sure that I am really spiritual but I believe in fate, or that things do happen for a reason...and I really think that my phone disappeared on me or was stolen for a reason. Even if it wasn't...I find that it makes it easier to think like agree that some magical dragonfly is swooping in watching over me. Maybe I needed to be late enough to miss the last train back to Brooklyn, maybe it was important to sit on the front porch a little longer. Maybe if I had my phone I would have texted while driving and crashed my car...maybe I just needed a hiatus...or to feel what it is like to disconnect for a little. Who is ironic that I lost my phone though right after a long conversation about how we as humans used to get by just fine, if not better before cell phones.

Without further is Sunday's Song on a Monday. Beck, Lost Cause:

{The more new memories I make in my old town, the easier it gets, the better I feel. This weekend was so much fun, and I will post photos really shortly of my trip up to Providence!}



  1. ha, yup, we often talk about "the old days" when there were no cell phones {other than zack morris's brick of course}. it's crazy how much things have changed in the past 30 years! go beck! :)

  2. Yes! Remember when you would just MEET someone somewhere and not have to text 10 different times about the exact time you would get there, or which seat you are at? It IS possible :)