Tuesday, June 7, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week Six (Home Sweet Home)

This week's goals brought to you by Danielle from Sometimes Sweet and Mandi from Here's Looking at Me, Kid are all about making your home a wonderful place to be in!

My apartment is less than charming, I will be the first one to admit it. I have been lucky to usually live in large loft spaces, or amazingly beautiful Queen Victorians renovated into apartments, complete with claw foot tubs and even a terrace. I have lived in apartments with high ceilings and hardwoods, funky slanted walls and original woodworking. At the very least I have had a large kitchen, or a killer backyard, or ample space with which to add fun vintage furniture, build a huge bed frame with wall pockets, or house a sectional and a large farmers table.

This apartment has none of that.

1. It has carpets. I almost puked when I realized I would have carpets, especially with a dog and two cats...but the view to the park and the proximity to it kind of cancelled out that fact that I vacuum every other day (sometimes every day).

2. It's small. Actually...it is pretty big for NYC...maybe average or small for Brooklyn...but darn it I have more than one room! I thought on my teachers salary and living alone that I would probably have to settle for a studio...but alas, I have a one bedroom! WEEEE!!!

3. It's in an apartment building, so it is pretty much a cookie cutter apartment...a little bit awkward and just...sort of...normal.

But, there are MAJOR pluses!

-I have two very large windows...one in each room. You can see the park from the windows and my neighborhood isn't all that loud, so the windows can be opened to get a nice breeze.

-I have enough room for my loom and my drafting table and my easel. Basically I have enough room that I have a full studio room. I use the main room when you enter as a dining area/bedroom and the other room is for my creative self.

-I have plenty of closet space. Like, a ton. This is great for me and I'm not sure what I would do without it!

Here are Mandi's tips for keeping your home awesome: You can read the full post here.

1. Don't buy or keep anything you don't love.
2. Start small.
3. Don't neglect function.

{so here are my goals for this week, regarding my home}

Goal 1: Finish putting together new chairs and set complete new dining set. Dad, if you are reading this: please don't hate on me! It is so hard to get the new chairs together and I don't have the right tools...plus I already have chairs so I only have put 1 of the 3 together. I promise I will borrow some tools and get this done this week!

Goal 2: Switch out my seasonal clothing, purge anything I don't wear or need. I do own too much clothing, I have a large closet and also a full dresser worth of clothing, and if all of my clothes are clean at the same time: I have to admit, I don't have enough space to house all of it. I have been slowly trying to get rid of pieces I don't use and focus on a smaller amount of staple pieces...but thrifting is so fun, dressing like a maniac is so fun, and clothing is just...so fun! I did make a commitment that anything I buy will be 90% handmade or vintage so that helps cut down on the crazy. This week I will make sure to switch my clothing over for the season and get rid of anything I didn't wear during fall/winter.

Goal 3: Work on one area of studio. I need to make sure that my studio is in good working condition for the extra time I will have coming up in 10 days when school is out! I will focus on one aspect of the studio: the space behind my drafting table. Here I will make sure to create something to house ideas, sketches, and keep me organized and accountable. So this week I will create a inspiration/to do area in my studio.

I am excited to spruce up the place a bit...and in order to keep me accountable, I will share some before and after pictures with you later this week!


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