Monday, June 13, 2011

Street by Street, Block by Block

{I am really sorry if this title gets that song stuck in your head! OOPS!}

NYC is interesting because the neighborhoods change street by street and block by block in a way that I haven't really seen in another city. I felt this very heavily weigh on me when I was searching for apartments and was jumped. I also felt this the other day when I biked from Windsor Terrace (by Park Slope) over to Bushwick. I hadn't realized that I routed myself right through Bed Stuy...not exactly the best place for me to be biking alone in short shorts and a tank top...and also the location of where I was previously I felt a bit squirmy and just kept on pedaling!

It is a blessing and a curse that the neighborhoods change so quickly...wandering around by yourself can be a really fun past time...but not if you wander yourself lost in an area where people are no longer friendly.

I work in Harlem, and feel completely safe there...(knock on wood)...even though my friend and I had a bottle thrown at us the other night. I felt completely safe in Bed Stuy and almost signed a lease at an apartment right beside a HUGE community garden...but decided to sleep on it before signing and walked outside one block and was jumped. Getting jumped the first time in that neighborhood didn't exactly scream Home Sweet Home to me! I immediately set my sights for a different area.

The other day I was driven home by my friend in his fancy little BMW (because my crappy car broke down at his house) and when he dropped me off at my apartment building he told me that I live in the projects. To this day I am honestly not certain if he is joking...I MIGHT live in projects? Who knows! I will say this though...I took a walk back to get my car the other day...and you tell me WHO lives in a better area!

My walk in photos:

so in my neighborhood, homemade "lemonaid" stand signs, pretty leaves and a playground...and his neighborhood broken windows, a hanger suspisciously looking like a dead baby chicken (I let my imagination run wild), a stripped and deserted bicycle, and a warning about staying safe hmmm...

I love my apartment in the "projects!"

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