Monday, October 17, 2011

Color Inspiration

There are many different things that inspire me in my studio, and as much as I love being outdoors, my work is never really landscape oriented.  I love to paint people or more abstract things, and the landscape itch just hasn't hit me yet.  

I realize though, that the colors of the outside always make it into my palette.  On a walk this Saturday I took some photographs for color inspiration.  The rusty reds, muted greens, bright blues, and specks of an almost unnatural bright red amidst all of the various green tones caught my eye. 

I can't wait to pull these sources into my studio for color inspiration for my next few portraits. 

Aren't the colors of Autumn just lovely?  

What inspires you?



  1. i LOVE the colors of autumn! although i haven't really seen much of that yet here in LA. this is my second autumn in LA and it really makes me miss my growing up years on the east coast. there's nothing like the east coast foliage in autumn. gorgeous!

  2. Love that sky! The sky always inspires me.



  3. Kim, I always think about moving over to the west coast and wonder how I would fair without Autumn! Sarah, you always have beautiful photos of the sky on your blog! Love it!