Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Appreciation

It is hard for me to really pick a favorite season.  I love the growing season obviously, but I equally love the early planting and planning season.  I adore road trips with friends and jumping into swimming holes during the summer, and I like when cold winter days turn into sun drenched mornings, where flowers blooms and birds chirp.  And yes, I guess I like some aspects of Winter, I will force myself to appreciate them when Winter comes...but for now I hope snow and ice is held at bay for a bit longer.

Fall, however, holds a special place in my heart because Fall contains my very favorite holiday of the year: Halloween!  I absolutely love Halloween.  I like the colors, the spookiness, the creativity that is sparked by dressing up and creating costumes, and I love the fact that I can drink from a skull mug and not be considered a total freak, if only for a couple weeks out of the year.  
~Here are some photos of things I have been loving lately about Fall~

The leaves changing and yet still catching some light after work, if I'm lucky!  I love that CRUNCH sound of walking over fallen leaves, and I adore seeing Malomar stick his nose into a big piles of fallen leaves and roll around in them.  It reminds me of being a kid and jumping into huge leave piles in my front yard.  I can't wait until all of these leaves change and for how beautiful my drives up to Rhode Island become in the next few weeks. 
Prospect Park
 Chilly early morning sunrises and the sound of ducks conversing.  To be fair, I am usually on my way to work when the sun actually rises in the Fall, but I was able to catch this early morning sky on the weekend and I loved it!
Prospect Park

Field Study season has begun!  I am lucky to work in a school system where the students are able to go on a lot of Field Studies throughout the year, even in Winter.  Fall officially marks the start of these trips!
Queens County Farm Museum 
Queens County Farm Museum
Queens County Farm Museum
The other thing I love about Fall is the practicality of decorating with food!  My sister is making a pumpkin soup for her Curling League and literally has over 30 pumpkins on her back steps and inside.  She is overflowing with pumpkins, and how great is it that this is one crop that need not be refrigerated! 

When I visited her and her husband on Thursday and made Zelňačka, she was starting to decorate with spooky things for Halloween visitors!  Armed with Martha Stewart's Best of Halloween book that she picked up from her local library, she was crafting away while we were cooking.  I can't wait to see what the place looks like when she is finished! 
Ahh, the Martha Stewart Halloween magazines best of book: so awesome!

Okay, time to continue work on my Halloween costume for this year!  

What are your favorite October traditions? 


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