Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brooklyn Bites!

{Want to be completely surprised by a totally unassuming place? 
 Then Zen Vegetarian House is the place for you!}

We walked over there from my apartment, a very nice walk through the park and came up to a very plain almost take-out driven looking place. (Think any restaurant named simple "chinese food" and you will get a solid picture of this place in your head.)

I almost turned around thinking "eh, maybe this isn't where we should eat." I literally stepped in the door and stepped out for a second, questioning that delightful vegan menu that we saw on yelp.

I was so happy, however, that I didn't first appearances get the best of me.
Zen had some really great food, and they deliver!

I had wonton soup for the first time! As a vegan, there just aren't many places that serve it so I hadn't had many opportunities to try it out.

These are all phone pictures, I hadn't expected to like it so much, but as soon as I tasted a bite of the wonton soup I knew I would have to write about Zen Vegetarian House.

Only complaint: not a nice place to dine, so if you want to eat good food in a good atmosphere, then get take out and go home or have it delivered.  Also, for some reason they have really cool plates but had plastic utensils? What is up with that? 
Wonton Soup
Plenty of wontons and delicious broth.
Sugar Cane Drumsticks
Smoked Teriyaki Seitan
Black Pepper Seitan
If you are in the Brooklyn area, I highly recommend this place.  And Foodswings, watch out: these chicken wings definitely rival yours. 

Happy dining Brooklyn!

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