Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to cram a to do list into a city filled with awesome??

There are a lot of things coming up very quickly for me in this lovely city.  One thing I really love about living in Providence how I can pack my summer with to do lists, and due dates.  Having summers off is wonderful, but I am not the type of person to actually take a whole summer to do nothing...I do not handle unscheduled time very well, it makes me bananas.

Chris is in Chicago for a convention for his work, DCI gift.  I visited there when I was checking out art schools, and was completely turned off by the crazy winter there.  That windy city thing: true story.

This week ending and weekend I have the following things pending:
-TAPA curriculum writing (Arts Integration Charter School): working on Evidence of Success this week
-tying up loose ends and booking Museum, Nature Lab and Library time with my RISD young artist class
-expose screen for printing
-finish large painting/collage work for Hive show (yes, I know I should be done by now)
-working on wnwn couture pieces (mostly the piecework of this insane skirted piece I decided to create)
-gathering up work and making more for Indie Arts Fest

When I type it out here it doesn't seem as daunting; but let me tell you: this list is no joke.

AND OF COURSE!!! There is Soundsession, and Providence Kickball this weekend to completely distract me from studio time.  Oh, and let's not forget night swimming, beach time, Carr's pond, bike rides, farm visits, and any other general awesome thing Rhode Island has to offer.  I have legit never heard anyone complain that Rhode Island is boring or stale in the summertime.

Double-edged sword.

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