Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rhode Island Summer Perks: Saturday

Chris and I have a new ritual of a breakfast picnic at Roger Williams Park every weekend. 

This Saturday I begged him to follow signs for a Pow-Wow and we came up to a ton of tents and stands with goodies, and tribes gathered in full regalia! 

After a relaxing morning, we set off to a different type of dress-up, that of Providence Kickball League. I play for Ze French Revenge, as well as the Stilettos, and Chris is on Mississippi Shakedown.  Words can't exactly describe what this fun is all about, so here are some photos!
The French getting their play in order
By the way, The Stilettos won our first game in 5 years (we are notoriously known for showing more butt-cheek than teamwork). 
Another look at that epic history changing score by the Stilettos

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