Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to Begin...

I have been avoiding this blog and avoiding posting since my last post because so many millions of things have changed since I started this blog.  A lot of things remain very much the same, especially in my mentality and ideas of why I started blogging...BUT the structure of the blog will be a little tricky.

Things that are way different:

1.  I moved.  I now live in NY.  Actually, I am staying with my wonderful sister and her husband until I find a place of my own in NYC...for now I am in Westchester.

2.  My cats are staying with someone down the road from me, and my dog is in Pennsylvania with my mom.

3. My garden and plants were completely torn apart.  Some of my plants came to NY and went into my classroom.  Some came to my sisters house or went to her cabin in Maryland...not all survived the trip.  Some stayed in Rhode Island.  My garden is completely gone from my life right now.

What has remained the same: I still want the same things out of life, and I want to rebuild my growing capacity and have my animals around me again...but none of that will happen right away.

New things:  Right now I am participating in Unprocessed October.  A challenge set forth by a food blogger Andrew Wilder.

I really had no idea how much processed foods I was eating until I took the pledge to cut it out for the month.  I am not going to lie: It has been interesting and even a little more challenging than I had anticipated...but it has opened my eyes up to my own eating habits in a very real way.  I have been tweeting my meals...and my sister and her husband have joined in on the challenge.  They are incredibly supportive and amazing people.  I am lucky to be around them.

Lastly...while I was looking for apartments, I got jumped.  I have been recovering for a few days now as my head is still killing me from being hit...I had to miss a day and a half of teaching, which in itself was really hard on me.  I look forward now to finding a tiny shoebox of an apartment in a safe area...and not letting the idea of a HUGE community garden next door to the apartment overshadow the frequent shootings in the neighborhood.  I am not kidding.

Here is my sister's wonderful cat Zappa.  He is such an awesome personable and he plays catch!  He is also a great cuddler...but I still miss my farm.

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