Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rhode Island Summer Perks: BEACH DAYS!

I was lucky enough to take 2 really awesome trips to beaches both Sunday and Tuesday.  Both trips were to very different Rhode Island beaches, both with their perks. 

Sunday I went to a packed like mad (I have never seen so many umbrellas in one place) beach with my dear and lovely friend Missy D.  We went to Wheeler Beach aka Sand Hill Cove.  

I harvested some snacks from the garden before heading out, and Chris packed vegan brownies that I made earlier in the week for Missy and I to snack on.  Let me tell you: brownies and the beach are an amazing combination!
Yesterday, I went on a boy trip to East Beach, a much more secluded feel with huge waves. We charmed the parking lot lady at East Beach to let us in even though there were no spaces.  She had that great Rhode Island charm and actually called Brian some colorful names.  She loved us, I know it. 

Everyone chatted about music, and Brian and I dug for little crabs in the sand, and we all deliberated on how much seagulls if anyone wants to enlighten us that would be great.  I ran around in the waves, and got my butt seriously kicked around 5 times (full rolling in the sand on the bottom of the ocean floor style) before giving up and relaxing under the tent. 

It was a fabulous day!

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