Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer

Yesterday was filled with painting and other studio work, some lesson planning for a Waste Not Want Not workshop at CityArts! and cute animals with friends. 
Mish and I went to Providence Animal Rescue League to peep the adoptable dogs and kitties.  Michelle lives alone in a cute apartment near Smith Hill she named Gingerbread Manor, and is looking for an animal mascot for the place.  At PARL, there was a little runt kitty named Mini, who was abandoned in the parking lot and has been at the shelter since January, mostly because Mini is so scared of everything that she retreats to the back of her cage and therefore wins no ribbons for congeniality. 

Mini took straight away to Mish (well after a couple tries, let's be honest).  She latched onto her shoulder and gave a million trillion kitty kisses. SO SWEET!
Also, I saw a little 1 year old pup that I adore.  I may go back today and see if I can set up a meet and greet with Malomar to see if they get along!  He is a mix between a rat terrier and a mini greyhound, a little timid: but he seems like a great dog!
Just as my day reached the pinnacle of adorable, my best friend Missy came over with her new puppy Ulysses, formerly known as Grim Lord of Barkness. 
Malomar and Ulysses had a play date, and it was clear that neither of them have any idea of their size difference. They are going to be great friends! 

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