Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cheap (Day Long!) Date

Sunday we awoke to such great news!  The downpour from Saturday revived the garden, springing our lettuces back to life!  That is one thing that I love about growing things, the resilience of plants that lead to pleasant surprises when they come back from zombie land into the land of yum.  
In the morning we took Malomar (also referred to as "Shmiggs") to the park, for a breakfast picnic.  We had fresh plums and apricots from the Farmer's Market and NY bagels!  I brought back a ton of bagels from my trip to check out a Harlem Charter School that I applied to and spend some time with my lovely sister.
Chris made sun tea on the deck while we did some house organizing and recipe planning (my favorite part of the week is planning all meals and trying out new recipes!) 
Later that evening, I made Pineapple Gazpacho (so good), salad with raw green dressing, and we had corn on the cob with our friend Alex.  

Chris came back with Alex and ran into the house in a clown suit, super excited and dancing around.  So naturally, before dinner I took a couple snapshots of them, getting ideas for promo shots for their project, The Tower and the Fool.  I am REALLY excited to photograph them...they are recording this August. 
Alex picked some of our sun gold tomatoes for the salad, and we enjoyed a nice relaxing dinner on the deck before Chris played a show that night. 

It was a wonderful Sunday spent together, if felt like a day long date! 

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