Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missy's Wedding Weekend!

I wrote a post a while back about being super excited for my best friend Missy's wedding weekend.  Her wedding actually ended up being postponed due to Hurricane Irene, and was moved to Sunday September 11th.  Not the best of days, especially on the ten year anniversary, but it was a new open date, two weeks after her original wedding date...and most people were available to attend.  My sister, her husband and I were kind of happy to have an excuse to get out of NYC during that weekend, not to be paranoid...but now that I live in NYC, there is definitely a different sense of awareness when it comes to terrorist threats. 

I took my one personal day for the Monday after her wedding so that I would not be exhausted at work, and it allowed me an extra day up in Providence!

Saturday night we had rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Atwells Avenue in Providence, and ate yummy Italian food and laughed and had a great time!

Missy and I at dinner. 
I stayed with my friend Rebecca during the weekend, and Malomar was able to go wild playing with her dog Lucy!  It was awesome to be able to catch up Rebecca and have a sleepover!  
Me, Lucy, Rebecca
Me and Becca
Sunday we met up at the hotel to get the beautiful bride ready.  I made Missy a birdcage veil for her wedding, but pretended that I didn't make her one and handed her a little kids costume veil instead.  Nothing like playing a joke on the bride to keep her calm, right?  Hey...I was a good bridesmaid, I didn't even tell her that my bridesmaid dress FLEW out of my convertible on the way to the rehearsal!

The following pictures are mostly from phones, some are not mine...I kept my real camera tucked away and spent the night dancing like a lunatic.  So fun!

Lovely ladies on the way to the wedding. 
Melissa, the gorgeous bride, and I...drinking champagne before the big event. 
Ali (Mark's sister, now Missy's sister in law) and Missy

Photo: Richele Souza.  The vows. 

The reception was a blast!  Food was amazing, company was great...the music selection was non-stop amazing and last but not least, there were props!  Seriously the most fun ever!

Photo: Gina DeLuca
Photo: Gina DeLuca
Photo: Richele Souza
Zak and I.  This was actually taken later in the night, when we continued dancing in Providence because hours and hours of dancing somehow didn't satisfy us.  But we brought our props with us!
Photo: Richele Souza.  This was by far the sweetest moment of the night.  Missy's brother Mark rehearsed and performed the Thriller dance for her wedding.  It was absolutely heartwarming to see him come out of his shell like that for her!

It was honestly the most perfect weekend, and most fun wedding ever.  I am so incredibly happy for Mark and Melissa...



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  1. oh it looks like such a fun wedding! i love the bridesmaid's dresses.