Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sign Changing

When I was younger and living in Lancaster Pennsylvania, there were not a lot of structured things to do to preoccupy ourselves.

So we got into trouble

One of the things we would do is change signs.  You know the signs that have all of the letters in black and they are on a little grid?  You can change the letters around and make the sign say HILARIOUS things.  At least, as teenagers, we thought it was hilarious.

I kind of miss changing signs, but now I need to be a little less obtuse about defacing property and set a good example *yawn*.  Naturally, when I saw a link to this post, I pretty much ate up all of the altered signs on it.  Although the sign altering is different than the signs we changed...mostly store signs, and sometimes signs outside churches (stop judging me)...I still love them.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Happy Thursday!


  1. haha, these are awesome and hilarious! i love harmless hooligan activities like this. :)