Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Peek into my Studio Classroom!

Inspired by one of my favorite sweet and talented bloggers, Sarah from anonymous was a woman, I decided to be a little copy cat and do a Peek Into My Classroom Teacher inspired post as well.

Sarah is a 7th and 8th grade English Teacher way across the country in Utah, and I am an Art + Design teacher in NYC, grades K-4.

My classroom is also a studio, where the students build, share, draw, sculpt, paint and create every time they step foot through my door.
The door to my classroom
Front and center is my SmartBoard: the best teaching tool EVER! (no seriously, EVER!)
A reminder about how to sit, using Artists and works of art of course!
Above the SmartBoard: little touches of whimsy. These guys come in handy!
Classroom focus, and small in-studio student gallery
Plenty of books, and I always reference where in the world the Art + Design is from.  
Organization is key.  I have over 600 students a week as well as a reading class each day.  Organization is my Zen, as is positivity!  
word wall
I cannot stress how awesome wet wipes are in an Elementary Art classroom.  No waiting in line for the sink, no mess with soap and water and paper towels...and more time to make Art!

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my classroom, and thanks Sarah for the inspiration!

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  1. how fun! i'm so excited that you teach art & design to elementary school kids. i used to be an elementary school teacher and the schools where i worked were pretty poor. they didn't have any art programs, but i tried my darndest to implement art and creative expression wherever i could. it's so important!