Friday, September 2, 2011


My dear friend Jenn is a total babe. 

There is absolutely no getting around that.  To boot, Jenn is an amazingly talented teacher, with a warm and inviting personality.  She is bubbly and intelligent, hardworking and fun to be around.

One night we got out of work early and headed over to Otto's Shrunken Head for beers.  Jenn had been talking to me about wanting a makeover, and at Otto's we decided it was time to take action!
Me and Jenn, Otto's
A girl stumbled passed up, sapphic with wild curly black hair and a cut up man's tshirt on, draped over her body.  She paired the black shirt with tight jeans and slip on shoes.  She looked effortlessly chic and Jenn pointed her out as all of our eyes followed her out the door.  "I want to look like that!" Apparently, Jenn's taste did not exactly match her current style.  Brooke and I almost fell off our bar stools, Jenn has always looked so sweet and innocent to me!

Drunkenly (I had 2 beers: which apparently is WAY too much for me lately)...I screamed "makeover!" and we decided to take Jenn from Pollyanna to someone with a slightly harder edge.  Jenn's gripe matter how beautiful Jenn is, she felt like she wasn't taken seriously because she looks so innocent with her long blond hair, dimples and rosy cheeks.
Jenn and Brooke, Otto's
Three of us, Brooke, Jenn and I headed over to Buffalo Exchange to shop after much deliberation over the exact darker shade Jenn's hair should be.  If you live in NYC or are visiting and have not been to Buffalo Exchange...seriously was awesome!  I spent way too much because the beers led me to believe that everything looked absolutely fabulous on me.  When I got home I was relieved to find my purchases were actually really great.  If I needed to return though, it would be no problem...Buffalo Exchange works on a buy, sell, trade system anyway!

About a week later, Jenn had an appointment at a Salon and I just KNEW she was going to go in and get highlights and wuss out.  So, as a natural lover of makeovers and change, I went along with her.  We got to her Salon and she started in with "maybe you can just do some highlights" and I interrupted and said "nope...Jenn wants to go DARK! Let's do it!"

I am telling you, she would have wussed out! 

The cut begins (in the back, this stylist is SMART!)
Jenn is only slightly terrified. She has NEVER changed her hair color before, just highlights!
No turning back now!
Post dye, pre-bang cut. I think she is still unsure!
Jenn is excited, and amazed at herself for such a big change!
End result: babeola!

Sometimes you just need a friendly push in order to take the leap.  Jenn is super excited about her makeover...and doesn't look 12 anymore! 



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  1. she just needs a leather cat suit and to learn the words to "you're the one that i want" {i kept thinking about the end of grease through this whole post}. :) i love change like this, good for her!! and buffalo exchange was absolute favorite store when i lived in SF. i was only a few blocks from haight street where BE was. it was so dangerous to live so close!