Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I've Been Up To: Summer, Travels: Part Five

{My best friend Missy is getting married this weekend!!!}

I am so incredibly excited for her...I am getting the jitters as I count down the days in my head, and on my planner!

A group of us ladies did a bachelorette weekend getaway in the Catskills, NY.  The ladies drove down from Rhode Island, and I, for the first time ever, got a dog walker for Malomar and headed up to meet them after work on a Friday.  

We went to Villa Roma, mostly for the guido factor, but also for relaxing and of course... the llamas! 

Missy practicing her strut. 
Beautiful ladies relaxing by the pool.  Missy spilled her Pina Colada everywhere.

Oh, you know: just updating twitter, facebook, texting significant others: cool bachelorette party stuff.

Morning Margarita!
The beautiful walk to see the llamas.
This face can mean only one thing...Alpacas have been spotted. YES!!!

We called to the Alpacas "peca peca peca," which is a call that the girls had heard the farmer use last year.  Basically we sneakily used the official Alpaca call and had them all running down toward us...which was of course: the best ever!  

We proceeded to spend about an hour oohing and ahhing and giggling over how cute they are and snapping a million photos. Don't worry, I am only showing you about 100 out of the 100,000,000. You're welcome! 
Look at this haircut! 
just noshin'
We were so busy taking a million photos of the Alpacas and trying to pet them, that we didn't realize we were standing right in front of this GIGANTIC spider!  It didn't seemed to be bothered by us though either. 
Look at this face! So smug, and yet so so cute.  When we got home, Becky immediately researched owning an Alpaca farm.  Someday I will have one! They are too cute to pass up! 

Villa Roma also has such amazing things as bingo, awful dance music, and lots of friendly weirdos.  Here are some photos of the more traditional bachelorette party type action! 
Oh, did I mention the walls are covered in red carpet?  Well they are. 
Missy looks like she's wearing no pants.  She actually has sparkly booty shorts on. Same thing. 
"the guido" is making us "fist pump"  although, I am not sure we are doing it correctly. 
Best friend. 

Mark is one lucky guy. 

Only 5 more days 'til the big day!!!  So excited!


  1. aw, pretty girls with pretty tattoos! :) looks like you had a blast. happy wedding weekend!

  2. It was awesome! The company was wonderful too...surrounded by babes! :)
    Thanks Kim!