Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seasonal Fun: Apple Picking!

Fall is a great time to load up on way too many apples, and broaden your apple recipe know-how.  It's also a great time to spend some time in the orchards with friends and family.  My best friend Missy came down from Providence, and met my sister and her husband and I in Connecticut for apple picking.  The first "farm" we went to was a total bust...sans the fact that there were 2 donkeys there that ALMOST let us pet them.  1. There were no orchards or apples, and 2. There were pumpkins but already harvested and just hanging out on tables.

We were hard pressed to find organic apple picking...in fact we couldn't find any organic pick your own places nearby, (the search continues)

We set our sails for another farm (thank you google and smart phones), and ended up traveling down beautiful winding roads covered in fall foliage and passing by farm after farm until we came to Blue Jay Orchard in Bethel Connecticut. 

 Myself, My Sis, and Missy
 Pretty sure that we think we are hilarious.
 Informative Bee Hive...a great addition to the farm!

 Honza thought eating an apple while on the tree is genius. It kind of is, let's be honest.
 Me and Missy
 The bounty!

 And the awesome apple crisp we made (unprocessed) when we got home! YUM!

So far we also made: Apple Compote, Apple Squash Bake, Acorn Squash and Apple Soup and coming up we will have a Sweet Potato Apple Bake.

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